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Online Training Threadles


In this 4-week course we will teach your dog a threadle slice as well as a threadle wrap. This course is full of information and exercises about shaping the first steps (dogs should be familiar with offering behavior), commitment games, generalization games and ideas to test your dog’s understanding.


You will receive 3 lessons (2 videos 5-10 minutes each). There is a catch-up week after lesson 3. You will have access to the content for one year.

This course is suitable for dogs from about 10 months of age (no jumping required), as well as older dogs who may lack understanding of the threadle slice/wrap.

The course will take place through the Agility Campus Learning Plattform.

  • Equipment needed: 2 jumps (only one for most exercises), 1 bin

  • Space: Most exercises can be done in a small yard or even in the living room (if you can fit one jump)

  • Cost: Active participant 129€ (may post up to 9 mins of video per week)

  • Auditor 59€ (access to all material and participant videos, may ask questions)

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