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Anna has been instructing dog owners for many years. Before teaching agility, she taught trick and obedience classes at her local dog club. Today, her focus is on teaching agility. Anna has taught seminars in Europe, Great Britain and the US. By frequently taking seminars with various successful trainers, Anna continuously expands her knowledge. Furthermore, Anna is certified as a dog trainer by the German Department of Veterinary Matters.

Annas instruction is highly individual to each team's needs. She realizes that no dog and handler are the same and utilizes different solutions for different teams. Her approach is not "one size fits all"! Consequently, her workshops are suitable for all levels of performance. From absolute beginners to experienced handlers, from youngsters to seasoned dogs, everyone who strives to improve is welcome.

In her lessons, Anna analyzes each team's strengths and weaknesses, using the skills she gained as part of her Psychology degree. At this time, Anna pursues her studies to become a Master of Educational Science and Technology. Her knowledge from this subject is integrated in her instruction. The combination of knowledge of psychological and educational processes allows for a unique perspective on learning in humans and dogs. 

A save and stress-free climate is essential for effective learning. So when teaching new behaviors, Annas likes to use clicker training, exploiting the principles of operant conditioning. However, if your dog is not clicker-savvy, alternative methods are always presented. All training is force-free!

Anna teaches private lessons, group lessons, workshops and seminars. Each teaching session is tailored to your training needs and wishes. Seminars and workshops are customizable to meet students' requests. The content of the sessions can be discussed beforehand. All levels are welcome!
Additionally, a variety of online learning resources is available. 


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