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Our team members are introduced here. We currently reside in Central Germany. However, we travel the world quite a bit and love to be on the road. 

Agility Workshop
Anna Hinze

Anna is the head of the team. Her tasks include scheduling agility training and competitions, finding good places to hike and providing hospitality and entertainment for the rest of the team. Sometimes she also attents lectures to pursue her masters degree in Educational Science and Technology. Anna likes to travel and see new places.


Take joined our team in 2018. Ever since then, it is loud, wild & funny. His behavior resembles more cat than dog, which makes him a sweet companion in everyday life. He lets everyone know about his enthusiasm for agility loudly. Training Take is a ton of fun, as he is so willing to learn and loves the game. However, his absolute favorite hobby remains eating food.

Agility Workshop
Jive (2008-2018)

Jive was Annas first Border Collie. He is very enthusiastic in everything he does and does not hesitate to be vocal about his enthusiasm. As he is not an easy dog to run in Agility, he has been the greatest teacher about how motion affects the dog's line. Jive is the best friend and travel partner one can wish for!

Agility Workshop
Agility Addict

May is Jive's daughter who came to live with Anna at the age of two. She is crazy, wild and reckless, but also very sweet. She is extremly passionate about Agility, loving the game above everything else. May continues to exceed all expectations in the Agility ring. She has turned into a reliable partner and is an absolute thrill to run!

Fierce Princess

Move lives up to her pedigree name "Born to be wild". Her petite body is full of crazy energy and she loves to play and bite and get angry. She also has a very sweet side and wraps everyone around her little paws just by looking at them. She is everyone's darling and gives the best cuddles. Move has tons of enthusiasm for play and work, but remains sceptic about treats and food.

Agility Workshop
Luna (2003-2020)
Patient Zero

Luna is the dog who started all the craziness. She is a Cairn Terrier and has been in Anna's life since 2003. In her days, she competed in Agility, Obedience, Trickdog, Flyball and Rally Obedience. Now she enjoys sleeping in, barking at the mailman, curling up in front of the fireplace and being the cutest little dog in the world!

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