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Skill Building

Onlineworkshops with a specific focus


Online Courses

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Skill Building

Skill Building
What is this about?

In Skill Building we work on skills in different areas. These elements are the foundation for handling your dog successfully on the agility course. The skill building videos cover how to teach the behavior. Detailed explanations and demonstrations are provided. Towards the end of the course, there are exercises to test your dog's skill. These courses are ideal for anyone who wants to improve and test their dog's skills. All exercises can be worked in a very small space with just 1-2 obstacles. Skill Building courses take 4 weeks and cover 1-2 skills per course. New courses start regularly. 

Click on each topic for more information. Courses take place on the Agility Campus Learning Platform.

Online Courses

Online Kurse
What is this about?

In an online course you and your dog will learn a new behavior under the watchful eye of Anna's instruction. During the course, which last several months, you will receive feedback on your videos and may ask questions in a closed learning platform. You will also see videos of the other participants. There are regular lessons every few weeks, which build on each other. Lessons consist of detailed explanations as well as videos demonstrating the training exercises.

You can start the classes at any time.

Bang It - Seesaw Class

This online course to teach an amazing seesaw runs through learning platform. Active participation and auditing spots are available. In 3 months we work through 7 modules. It is possible to teach a 4on as well as a 2on2off. This course is suitable both for young dogs who are learning the seesaw for the first time, as well as for retrains.

Modulares Training
Run It - Running Dogwalk Class

In this online class we teach a running dogwalk using a target mat. We spend a lot of time on the foundations on the flat, so that the progression on the dogwalk can be quite quick. We cover straight exits as well as turns. Minimum start age is 9 months.

Left & Right - Directionals on Jumps

In this class we teach the concept of left & right wraps on the jump. The dog learns to understand directionals on a verbal cue alone. He also learns to wrap a wing tightly and to apply the concept for tight rear crosses.

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