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"Although my dog didn't participate much, he will benefit from what I learned. I loved your examples of the international-style courses, and even more -- your examples of handling choices that work so well. But mostly, I liked you and your style -- warm and encouraging, but not afraid to point out where we handlers could do a better job, and so quick to see what would work best for each dog. I hope that you'll continue to instruct others, as you have a great talent for that!"

Deb & Moon

"I’ve taken many seminars and private lessons, but Anna has helped me more than anyone!  Anna really understands how to get results.  I learned some really cool moves for executing challenging course sequences from her and she shows students how anyone can succeed.  I have a startline and contacts because of Anna!  She recognized the smallest of detail to help me understand problems I was having and I fixed them!  I can’t thank Anna enough!  I’m always excited to hear that she is coming back to the Pacific Northwest!"

Patty & Jazzie

"Anna Hinze is wonderful! I've had the good fortune to attend several of her seminars when she was in the US and I've gotten a lot out of them. She's extremely flexible and figures out what would be the best handling for each team!  She's very patient and really gives alternatives that I would never think of in a million years. She explains so many little details and

shows how to put them together to communicate in the best way for my dog. Working with Anna is enlightening and I can't wait till she comes back to the USA again. Thanks Anna!"

Sharon & Michelangelo

"Anna has a laser eye and wonderful quiet way about her when she is teaching. When she is working with you and your dog, you feel as if you are the only team in the arena. Her focus is absolute, and she gives you the time to work through a problem until you get it right. She slices the issue into small pieces, demonstrating how a small adjustment in timing or spacing will make all the difference. I have worked with her twice and both times have come away with the feeling that my dog and I are a better, more skilled team than I had ever imagined."

Terrie & Dagger

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